I bought this at my local agricultural show in the Summer because I have Arthritis and Acidic perspiration. I take this product in almond milk first thing each morning and my inflammation has reduced (and pain) and I no longer feel sore with my perspiration.

Rosie H.Customer

Swift delivery. Good product

Nicolette JonesCustomer

Love it, have it every morning in my smoothie.

Louise C.Customer

Highly recommend this company's product is excellent and customer service is very helpful.

Tina B.Customer

Quick & easy ordering. I’m sure that this product improved the Arthritis I have in my hands and wrists.

RICHARD H.Customer

Amazing product, this is my second pot having picked the first one up at Burghley Country Fair. Great value, great results, Thank you

Amanda B.Customer

As always, this Turmeric continues to be an excellent product, efficient delivery as ever.


I discovered these at Southport Flower Show. I found them brilliant. I used to have to take regular pain relief just to get me through the working day. Now I take hardly any. I recommend them to my mum and a family friend who both say how great they are and what a difference they have made.

Judith A.Customer

Five weeks after taking this Turmeric Blend, the Osteoarthritis in my knee eased. I would certainly recommend this product.


Recommended by a friend and only been using it for two weeks and noticed a difference already. Less Joint discomfort and Stomach issues reduced.


Incredibly good product and resolved some very painful elbow issues!

Mandy CrossmanCustomer

I am using this product since April 2023 when I purchased 4 tins for £99 which was the offer at the Ideal Home Show in April. I have purchased another 3 tins as I know the Turmeric is helping me with my Joint pains.

Terrie LewisCustomer

Worth the price…it works. This is my second tin and I am back, and my stomach is so much better


Lovely product and good customer service, Super company

Laura P.Customer

I bought this at the Good Food Show at the NEC in June. I bought it for all the anti inflammatory properties it was supposed to have but wasn’t sure how effective it would be. Alongside a ketogenic diet, this has completely got rid of the terrible aches in my ankle caused by an old injury. Physio said, he thought I’d got some Arthritis as a result. I’m honestly amazed at the difference this Turmeric blend has made and intend to keep on using it. Thank you.

Jane KendrickCustomer

From my experience , I couldn't fault the product or Earth Signature , I'm absolutely delighted , will definitely keep buying it.

Nadine NorrisCustomer

Very good

Gaynor YoungCustomer



Brilliant product


Excellent product. Prompt delivery.


Very efficient.

Eileen M.Customer

I’m now half way through my second tin and I’m now noticing the benefits. My knuckles swell up with Arthritis, especially in hot weather and become painful. My friend told me to keep going with it, I’m so glad I did as my knuckles have swollen less and are less painful in the heat we are currently experiencing in the UK. The taste is hard to adjust to at first, but taken regularly you become accustomed to it. I prefer to mix it with yoghurts, porridge or smoothies, now I miss the taste if I forget to take it.

Elaine McEachernCustomer

I love this product it keeps me out of pain and allows me to move without pain.

Colette Customer

Easy to drink and no longer have so many aches and pains.


Brilliant service of a wonderful product.

Diana InskipCustomer

We really like this product and so does our dog. As far as we can tell it works.

John RobsonCustomer

Earth Signature is certainly the best Turmeric product available. I have now recommended many friends of Earth’s Signature. Speedy delivery and a good company to deal with.

Brian Customer

Have used this product before and still a great standard, love the new packaging - no plastic.

Nicole RennisonCustomer

This product is amazing! Since taking this the arthritic pain and swelling on my fingers has reduced considerably!

Pam BarlowCustomer

Brilliant find – has really helped with my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) . I mix it with yoghurt as it doesn’t taste very nice!


Excellent product – a most efficient and friendly service.

Thomas PearsonCustomer

First started taking turmeric blend about 6 months ago I had sore Joints they disappeared completely, it’s super stuff. I ran out of my Turmeric blend and within a few weeks; I started to notice my joints were starting to get sore again. I’ve ordered more and started taking it again, no more sore joints highly recommended!! it’s a bit pricey but worth it.

Kiki MaccollCustomer

Super Blend! I have been taking Earth Signature for a while now and I am impressed with the results. I suffer with Acid reflux, Constipation and Rhinitis. If I don’t forget to take it in the morning then I am fine. I have also bought it for a friend who has Arthritis and she didn’t see the results until she forgot to take it in holiday with her and noticed the pain came back in her knees. I totally recommend this natural, full of benefits product :)!


It is a good product and really helps my arthritis a lot. They deliver things properly, it is a really good service over all.

Colette Z.Customer

Excellent product which certainly works for me. I have been taking this product ones daily since I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. It has kept my PSA level low and even my Urologists have been impressed by the results.. Would highly recommend.

Brian BatesCustomer

It has helped me with bowel movement so must be helping with some inflammation there. I will keep using it to see if it helps me with inflammation in my joints, I need to use it for longer I think first. I just put a teaspoon in water and have it as a shot. The order came fairly quick and I have had no problems ordering and receiving. Ingredients seem high quality and well thought out rather than other shop ones I have seen!!

Jessie D.Customer

Excellent product

Paul G.Customer

It was brilliant to be able to contact the seller directly and have a conversation on the phone. He then spent time tweaking my order to suit my requirements.

Jill B.Customer

I am so pleased with this product. I feel it has helped my psoriasis enormously.

Julie T.Customer

We feel great taking this product. Highly recommend it.

Tanya FrancoisCustomer

Excellent service, Thanks


Fantastic service and fast delivery.

Chris O.Customer

Great service.

Jamie N.Customer

A very quick and easy process. I browsed through the online catalogue, chose what I wanted and it arrived here in Ireland within 3 days.

Mark R.Customer

Making so much difference to my life, have so much more get up and go . Run out and was desperate for my delivery, back up and running and feeling good

Margaret BurtCustomer

Excellent service and excellent product


Great suggestion to get Earth Signature Turmeric Capsules for travelling! Now I can be sure not to miss my daily dose. I really notice when I don’t use the product.

Heather F.Customer

Have been using the Earth Signature Turmeric Blend (powder) for the last 2 years. Switching to capsules for the first time and hoping that they work as well as the powder.

Michael SheppardCustomer

I met this company at the Ideal Home Show. Great product and excellent delivery.

TIna B.Customer

Good product, not cheap but would recommend


Great for hay fever

TJ NicolasCustomer

I suffer with really bad cold soars on my lips in periods. I’m a young working with customers so it’s quite devastating. I tried Earth Signature at a show for three days morning and evening and I couldn’t believe how quick it went away!! I also felt more in balance and more energetic. I will continue to take this product! Thank you to Earth Signature's representative for helping me out!


Very good service and it does the job

Joseph BaileyCustomer

My order was completed and arrived very quickly. Product is great, been using it for over six months now

Angela S.Customer

Since taking Earth Signature Turmeric Blend the arthritic pain in my hands has considerably lessened. Thank you 😊

Pam BarlowCustomer

Very Good quality product, I was most impressed and will buy it again.

Colette Z.Customer

When I was a child, I used to suffer from severe pain almost every day, which limited me in many ways. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Before taking Earth Signature in 2019, I suffered from very severe pain in my back, hands and finger joints when opening and closing, as well as in my knees and the entire foot area. I had to take several medications every day, from tablets to weekly injections.

A blood sample taken on 27/01/2019 showed very high levels of inflammation, as well as other levels. After six months of taking Earth Signature, I had another blood test.

On 04.06.2019, my blood levels were almost in the normal range and the inflammation levels were almost completely gone.

I am well and no longer need to take any medication.

Marcel MoralesCustomer

Wonderful customer service and a great product.

Dominic GreenCustomer

This Turmeric is fantastic. We can’t believe the difference in how we feel each day since taking this Turmeric, it’s amazing, we also give it daily to our two dogs, they both look so much healthier too.


Very tasty, especially on cereal or in coffee, and I’m sure my joint stiffness is improving.

Brenda H.Customer

I have been using this for 3 months now and I am amazed at how much the pain in my knees (Arthritis) has decreased, some days no pain at all. Highly recommend trying.

Margaret BradyCustomer

I developed a knee problem last year and was in constant pain. I thought to give Earth Signature a try. After only ten days of use, I am now walking freely and feeling much better.


A study conducted on two groups was asked to take Turmeric Blend. Both the groups showed great signs of improvement and relief from their ailments. Group 1 with muscle & joint pains, fatigue, gastro & urinary issues etc., felt significant relief from their ailments & Group 2 with no health issues showed an improved sense of well-being.

Objective evaluation of the condition was performed using a pulse diagnostic method, which confirmed the healing effect. About 75% of the people who participated in the study to understand the effect of Turmeric Blend said would like to continue taking the supplement in the future. However, it should be remembered that it is not a drug and cannot replace the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Dr. Virginius BrillDoctor

I have been taking this blend regularly for several weeks. I don’t have any health issues, just tiredness and bloating. My energy levels have certainly improved and my appetite is better, with minimal bloating.

Since I started taking Turmeric Blend regularly, twice when I was sure I was coming down with flu, I was fine after a couple of days. I understand the benefits turmeric and intend to continue with your product as part of my diet.

Mrs. Andrea SweeneyCustomer

I have a history of hereditary rheumatism in my finger joints. After taking it for a few days I was completely pain-free. I would highly recommend Earth Signature High-Grade Turmeric Blend.

G. A. Cooper Walsallbusiness executive

Since I started taking your Turmeric Blend I can definitely say that my smoking cough has gone down drastically. And that after only a few days! Great product!

Lena MoralesManager

I  developed a  knee problem last year and was in constant pain. I  thought to give Earth Signature a try. After only ten days of use, I am now walking freely and feeling much better.

John Customer